Saturday, May 9, 2009

I guess my blog does have a pretty funny name...

I'm pretty bad for playing favourites... of the 20 or so bugs I have in construction right now, this is my total favourite. I love her, it could be that she's made of my fave fabric, or it could be that she's the only one with spunky green hair... but I think she's a definite cutie!
little Ella Green Hair

2nd runner up: I'm going to be a terrible mother...
Violet Van Vonhoffer... or something...

My fabric labels arrived from France yesterday!
my labels!!!

And I got an enormous package of goodies from my Mum and her Mum, including different kinds of knitting needles, wool and a knitting book (I was bugging Mum about learning to knit when I saw her a couple of weeks ago), a soft and lovely pink woolen cardy, and this awesome biscuit making contraption from my Nan... I was expecting cookie cutters, that's how Mum described it, but it looks way more high-tech and fun!
cookie making perfection...

And lastly, whilst mucking about with web servers and domain names, I was given this list of alternatives to (which I registered?!?)... they made me laugh!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Happy Saturday!
And thanks for all the sweet comments I received for my creative space post! They all made me smile!
B, x.

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