Friday, May 8, 2009


I am writing this list more for me than for anyone else... at least if it's online, I can't loose it in the abyss that is know as my house!

Today I must complete the following tasks/chores/joys:
- ring insurance companies and find out what on earth is taking so long...
- finish all bug faces, bug hair do's and bug hands!
- start bug antennae
- check the mailbox repeatedly for the goodies I'm expecting...
- make a decision about my website, and GO FOR IT (design the freaking thing: remind yourself that you do really actually like playing with FireWorks and Illustrator... but stay focussed!)
- design the tags
- design and order the stamp
- decide what is for dinner, and acquire the ingredients
- make the panda pattern that has been in your head for sooooo long
- tidy up your work space so that you can work in it

Go for it Becca! I believe in you!

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