Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Paper Doll Printing Fun

Wow this is my 51st post... that's a little bit exciting for me!

Last night I was flicking through the Meet me at Mike's book, looking at all the cool projects and wondering where to start... I decided that I really, really like the paper doll hankies on page 48 by Gemma Jones. They're totally rad, and I was thinking I could print up some fabric along these lines to make toys from...
meet me at mikes book

So I started mucking around making some paper dolls and became extremely frustrated at how jagged my silly little dolls were and about the gawkyness of my designs... I love cutting stuff out, it's usually something I'm really good at (true!?)... I realised the paper I was using was way too thick and because I am one lazy person, I decided that rather than get up and get myself some thinner paper, I would open up Illustrator and draw my dolls in there...
real life paper dolls

I then started to play around and realised that I have some of my own dolls drawn up already and that if I convert them to silhouette  shapes, I could be onto something...


I then started to think about the photo emulsion I have in the fridge and the screen printing gear in the cupboard, and how I'd rather have my dolls coloured and the background white, and how photo emulsion works really well with large solid shapes...

This is going to be a 2 day project because I need to go down to the uni and print my designs onto transparencies, and do the photo emulsion stuff tomorrow, but I'm feeling inspired and happy at the prospect of printing my own little creatures!

Stay tuned!

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