Sunday, June 7, 2009

Glebe Markets here I come...

Well I have a stall booked at Glebe Markets for the 4th of July! We drove up to Sydney early yesterday morning to book and prepay a stall, and that was the only date that wasn't sold out, so in almost a month, I'll be selling my wares in Glebe... which is kind of funny, because when I moved to Sydney from the country as an 18 year old, Glebe Markets was like such a big deal... I remember the first time my friend Monica took me there, and it was so, so cool. All the colours, the people, the clothes, the food... I felt like I finally understood where I wanted to be, and I used to go there every Saturday on my own on the way up to Mike's house. I soon ended up with an oversupply of very cheap second hand clothes with funny names and logos, and unique, handmade jewelry... and a taste for the potato salad from the salad stall... that was 10 years ago!

I also managed to get some nice Japanese paper that doesn't involve flowers, pink or other extreme girly-ness... I need some for the boy bug labels, and it's taken quite a great deal of hunting. I'm really happy with it!

Plus, Joe's brother has been staying with us this weekend and I have managed to recruit him for The Toy Society, he really likes it and he's going to involve his kids in the whole process, which I think is so exciting, I would have loved it when I was little!

Check out my raspberry flavoured biscuits... they kind of look funny, but they are delicious, and they're just a standard biscuit mix with a few mashed frozen raspberries... easy!

Whole new batch of cats and bunnies coming along!

And my bug hairstyling techniques are getting better!

Excited about the markets!!!
Plus, I reduced the price of some of the older stock bugs in the Big Cartel Shop, so check it out if you're interested!



Sharon said...

EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING is gorgeous!!! Best of luck selling your beautiful things at Glebe Market! Sounds like a place that I would absolutely LOVE! :)

Kirsty said...

Hey Rebecca - I've just checked out your shop and I'm beside myself with excitement. You named a bug after my suggestion and therefore after my little Noo Nah! Thank you, you've made my weekend!! :)

thetwowindmills said...

Your bugs are very very cute, and completely unique. I'm sure you'll sell well at Glebe markets. I was just talking to my husband about setting up a stall there myself so I'll be very interested to hear how you do. I might pop down on the 4th and say "hi".

Casey said...

Everything looks fabulous! I'm hoping to do some Toy Society sewing this summer. Your email still keeps bouncing back to me - it says there is some problem with your address. I tried using my other email account, so we'll see if that works! I can get your emails, I just can't reply!