Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I live with a sculptor...

joe the sculptor man
Have I mentioned that I live with an artist? I might have somewhere along the way, but anyway, I do. Joe was a graphic designer but he hated it, and starting painting instead, and this year he decided to do some classes at TAFE so that he could do some figure drawing, and just out of timetable-convenience, he decided to take a sculpture class, and low and behold, he discovered that he's rather talented in that department. It's only been a couple of months, and already he's doing things that I think are amazing! And, like me, he's all about being obsessed with things... we see each other in the mornings and we usually watch The Bold and Beautiful together in the afternoons, but other than that, it's all heads down, bottoms up around here. He sculpts, I sew! And it's a pretty happy, contented sort of place!



inkie-mumma said...

wow what a talent! You lucky thing to live with an artist, what a life :)

Sherrin said...

Does sound like a pretty good life! And youre right, he is pretty talented!