Thursday, July 2, 2009

Flickr Faves!

Ok, so I've been going a little over the top with my collages lately, I'll admit that, but they are a great way of throwing things together. This one is my recent flickr faves, all based on my search for 'fortune cookies', I'm playing along with Art Mind, so check her awesome chalk-board collage as well as the other lovelies that link from it!
fortune cookies
1. fortune cookies..., 2. Day 37/365 : Fortune comes in a cookie these days, 3. Late Nite Fortunes, 4. The cookie was stale, but the fortune was dead on + 136/365, 5. Fortune Cookie, 6. Fortune Cookie

So, why fortune cookies you ask? Well, just because really. Last week we picked up a box at the supermarket and we guzzled them down rather quickly... even Henry decided they were worth eating, and he doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, so they must be special. Anyway, I have been finding little messages all over the house ever since, I think Henry thought the best part was the rustly paper that can be chased, and which hides quite easily, all the better for chasing!


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Jessica said...

I love these - especially the one saying Youll accomplish more if you start now I think I should make it up in cross stitch and hang it over my desk!