Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flickr Faves: Crafty Goodness

flickr faves: crafty goodness

1. Gumball machine, 2. turquoise picnik, 3. Bear, 4. Koi Pond, 5. the next batch, 6. Nellie, 7. Little Lasses, 8. popkraft, 9. i love you little lamb, 10. green shoes, 11. old blue tv, 12. the velveteen jackalope, 13. Felted Rainbow Children, 14. Green Embroidery, 15. retro spin cycle, 16. Spring Chick!
Flickr Fave time again! This time I decided to show off some of my general crafty flickr faves... so many good things to see and get inspired from!

Check Art Mind for some more!
B, x.


ArtMind said...

Aww, cute overload here! I suppose you needed some comfort while being sick. Well, this will certainly make you feel better, Im sure!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some healing vibes for you! :)

Holly said...

Oh man, so many new favourites and artists to follow! Im glad you like my stamp, and thanks for exposing me to all this new stuff!Holly x x http://twocheeseplease.livejournal.com