Monday, July 6, 2009

I love The Toy Society!!

I've been cleaning out my crafting space since I got home from the markets on Saturday (which I'll tell you about soon... it was GREAT!), and I've discovered toys I'd completely forgotten about... I've given toys to all the children and adults I know, so I got some labels and tags made up and got ready for some more drops. I was feeling particularly inspired since Joe's brother told me on Sunday that his sweet little girl, Isabella is totally into the whole thing! She is 8 and has the website bookmarked, and checks it regularly, she's coming down on the school hols, and we're going to do some toy making together! Yay! Her 4 year old sis is busting to make a sausage dog from the Softies book--which kind of scares me, since she wants to use a sewing machine, but it also excites me... I picked up some pink cord at the op shop today for that very purpose!

1. A Wee Wonderfuls hand-sewn butterfly which I dropped at the Parra Meadows School in North Wollongong.
toy society drop: wee wonderfuls butterfly

toy society
I hung it on a tree, because it's a butterfly!

2. Little Miss Kitty was left at a park in Erkinville in Sydney.
toy society

toy society

toy society drop: erskinville

3. And this Mathilde prototype dolly is actually quite sweet, so I left her at the entrance of Sydney Uni village in Camperdown on my way to the art shop... where I got soooo many good things, but more on that tomorrow...
toy society

toy society drop: camperdown

Join in on The Toy Society fun!
B. x.


danielle said...

i totally loove this idea!! can you please come up to brisbane and drop a Matilde doll off at my house ; )

ArtMind said...

Ohh, that is fantastic! I must look into the toy society - looks like heaps of fun I bet you are making lots of kiddies super duper happy!! Bet thats making your heart jump! :)

Kirsty said...

Oh I love this! It would make my little ones day to find something at the park that he got to cuddle on the way home.

faithhopeandawholelottalove said...

Oh wow!! that is such a great thing to do!! Good on you :)I have given you a blog award - so please come by my blog to accept :)

The Toy Society said...

The Toy Society loves you too!!