Friday, July 3, 2009

my creative space & stuff!

Well, I have another market to go to tomorrow. This time, Glebe, hoping that it's better than Bondi, and that the weather is a little more palatable there than it has been here... sunny, but oh so windy! Most of my creative time has been zapped up with preparation, but I do try to use every second available to me, and this is how I've been using it...

I have 3 tubs full of toys and I've also been making up some pot-holders to sell. I've been making my way through my scraps tub, hence all the patchwork, and I've also been using up screen-printing seconds, and I've used a woolen blanket in the middle, that I bought from the op shop for making dolls quilts with, so it's all quite efficient and environmentally sound!
finished toys

pot-holders galore
Tom Yum Vegetarian soup from the 3 Mangoes on Enmore Rd (in Enmore), makes my heart swoon!

Yes, and this is the unfinished tub... some just need a few stitches, some need a whole lot of doings!
unfinished stuff...

Look at the cool stamps that I bought from Jess. Pretty excited about using these, I just need some ink.

amy karol book
And I'm busting to make this little hat from the Amy Karol book. It's too cute!

panda face
And I've started working on a new toy, Miss. Panda!

I've also been busy trying to get together a bit of a network for crafty types down here in the Gong, and so I've been emailing, setting up a new twitter account, some flickr stuff and another blog in relation to that. If you know anyone is this region of NSW, please pass on my contact details and the blog address: here. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

B, x.


Rache said...

I adore your blog. I stumbled across it during the big give away in may and its the only one I keep coming back to. You make the cutest toys. Theyre inspiring.

faithhopeandawholelottalove said...

How beautiful - love your creations!!

Kuka said...

ooh nice pot holders! what a great idea to re-use woolen blankets!!