Sunday, August 16, 2009

5 things!

Jess at A Life So Peachy tagged me, so the game goes:
List 5 things that make you feel fabulous/sexy/beautiful, and then tag 5 others to play along...

So here we are:

1. Lame as it may seem, I love the feel, smell and everything associated with clean sheets, and I go to bed early on sunny laundry days just to soak up the smell of sunshine as we call it around here! Feels awesome.
Clothes Line
Photo credit: Andrew Rehage

2. Using my hands/brains to make! This makes me feel incredibly happy, proud, clever and useful. It makes me feel alive.

3. Having my hair cut! This is one of my favourite things in life for so many reasons! Ever since I was little I loved getting my hair cut, I love people playing my with my hair, I love head massages, and I love the way that my hair feels when all the dead bits are chopped off... but mostly I love the change, I love that you can change the way the look so easily, it's refreshing-- like rearranging furniture, and I walk around feeling fabulous and smiley for days. Ahhhh... just the thought of it!
Scissors and brush
Photo credit: Goreckidawn

4. My routines and the people/critters that I share them with! Society makes out like routines are incredibly drab and to be pitied, but as a Capricorn, I'm a firm believer in their awesomeness... I love the rituals that develop when you find something lovely to do, such as making sure you stop at Victor's Patisserie in Enmore to stock up on a ricotta cake and a Portuguese tart before heading back to the Gong... we have about a million lovely things like this going on daily around here, and I love that they and the people involved in them are a part of my life!

5. And lastly, I'm totally with Jess on her #3... 'growing up and being comfortable in myself'. I think I'm only just arriving in this place, but I look at younger girls now, and I don't care that I'm almost 30 (well, I do care a little), but I don't want that all that youngness back, all the insecurity, the uncertainty, all the pain, the uneasiness, the walking around and trying to figure out what on earth you are supposed to be doing with yourself each day... I'm not saying I didn't have heaps of fun back then, because I did, but I'm happy at where I've arrived, and I know where I'm headed, and who with, and I couldn't care less if my ears stick out a little, if my hips are crazy big and I have very odd looking toes... it's not important.
No Fear!
Photo credit: Ucumarl

Wow! That was a hard post, but thanks for the reflection Jess!

Now I'm tagging:

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Have a fantastic Monday!
B, x.


Amy Woo said...

You, lady, have rocked my world today with your amazing gifts!I went back to work today after two weeks off and came through the door at half five to find this package on the desk. I opened it and what did I find, two of the cutest blimmin toys I have ever seen. And the fabric! Oh my, little babooshkas (you are so thoughtful!) and soft fuzzy fleece!They are sitting on the shelf looking very much at home. I love them!Thank you thank you thank you!x

Threaded Basil said...

Im so behind in blogland, I just saw this post. Thanks for the tag! Ill have to think about this...