Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another week of p.i.f.-ing!

another week of p.i.f.-ing!
Wow. My house is feeling a little leaner, a little less cluttered, and Henry is enjoying more cat friendly zones, such as in boxes and up high in cupboards-- spaces previously occupied by bugs and the like.

I'm also loving that I have next to no 'old stock' (keep in mind, old=about 3 months old!), because I feel like creatively, it lets me move on to new things... which is awesome. So stay tuned for another 16 days of p.i.f items in my Etsy Shop... which again, is looking rather bleak... I'm hoping to rectify that today by taking some photos, but keep in mind that if you see something on the blog that you want, and that I haven't managed to get it up into the shop, just send me an email or a convo in Etsy, and I'll hold it for you-- You can either purchase it through Etsy or simply pick it up at the markets on a Saturday if you're in Sydney.

Ok, well Happy Sunday!
My joyous task for the day is cleaning the house... so I guess I should probably start that some time soon!
B, x.


inkie-mumma said...

Your P.I.F seems to be going very well! Winnie took a trip to the hospital this weekend!

I read before you are having felt supply problems, I have found this web site to be great, at $5 US a fat quarter it isn't the cheapest but the quality is great

mel bomba said...

i can't believe you make that trip to glebe every saturday, haven't been to those markets for about 10 years but now i'm thinking i should head down and check out the new talent.
thanks for buying my fabric, can't wait to see it how you are going to use it, i'll be posting today.