Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Creative Space

Today, my creative space is dedicated to the awesomeness of hindsight! So, I had a terrible day at the markets on the weekend, but... this week I have had a chance to make somethings that have been lingering in my brain for such a long time! I have been making all kinds of bunnies, and I've been making them from a mix of fabrics, some new and some recycled-- I'm especially loving Tasman- made from linen tea-towel highlighting the delights of the Apple Isle! He's really actually soft and cuddly, and well, cute!

new bunnies 

new bunnies!

I've also had a chance to get making dolls, and whilst little Zelda here is a tad out of proportion (don't know if the mammothness of her head comes across in the photo!), she now has a younger and more sensically-proportion little sister named Nora-- hopefully photos later in the day!


So thank you crummy market day for giving me a little time and a little extra stock!

Happy Thursday and more creative spaces at Kootoyoo!



CurlyPops said...

There's always an up side to a terrible market day!

Gret said...

I love Tasman! And despite her huge head, I also love little Zelda (maybe even more so because of her huge head). Perhaps she just has big hair? Everything is looking great, including the new blog. I will have to come and visit one day at the markets when I am out Glebe way - I live near Parramatta so it's a bit of a trek with a one year old, but I will definitely pop by one day! Hope this weekend is better!

linda said...

Oh I LOVE the Tamanian bunny toooo cute and Zelda looks fabulous with her head I don't think you should change a thing it makes her soo full of character

Lea said...

I love those - they are so so cute

Kylie Hunt said...

They are so divine! It's the ebb and flow of life I guess... we need these times too for different reasons :) K

Kirsty said...

Silver linings...good on you for seeing the shiny stuff.

Kellie said...

Glass half full! Everything is coming along great though ~ they all look wonderful.

Nikki said...

Now the trick is to hold of to this learning, and remember if for next time. Good for you for seeing the positive from a disappointing market. And I am sure that Zelda's head is just full of good ideas!