Monday, August 17, 2009

Pattern Love!

This weekend I finally finished off a little purple pup for my niece, using a pattern from the Softies book I loaned to her and her sister a while ago, and it made me remember how truly easy it is to make something when someone else has gone to the trouble of making up a pattern for you to follow! I only had the pattern pieces, but having made a couple in the past I was able to figure out my own instructions-- but yikes, it was nice! So nice in fact that I popped over to the Wee Wonderfuls website and bought this great PDF pattern. I have a whole bunch of birthdays coming up, so I'm thinking they'd be excellent gifts-- I'm pretty excited to make dolls with woolen hair as I've never done that before.

quilting bee
Gosh... This is from Hillary's photostream- names are Kit, Chloe and Louise! :)


inkie-mumma said...

SNAP! no joke I just bought the Kitty, bear and rabbit pattern two days ago and just got my link to download THIS very morning lol. I love her patterns!

miss aine said...

The Wee Wonderfuls pattern is so cute. Its really easy to make and so much fun to make their clothes. I recently made one and had great fun dressing her!

Amy Woo said...

Ooh i fancy one of these patterns too! Im going to go and have a look.

Amanda said...

OHHHH! This is cute! I have a birthday coming up soon, and wanted to make a doll. Are they advanced, or pretty easy? I am still an advanced beginner. I may have to buy these if they are pretty simple over all.