Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pay It Forward-- So Far!

PIF so far!

Wow! I've been visiting the post office every single day this week, a 50c Pay It Forward Item everyday as promised, and it's such a positive promo to do, I've had so many sweet messages and stories from people from all over the place, and I'm loving it! Only 23 days left to go! Lucky I have a box full of PIF goodies put aside, but I'll also be uploading some brand-spanking-newbies along the way... that is if I can keep up with the stock I need for the markets!

I've been using Twitter & the Blinking Flights Facebook Page to let people know when I'm listing or editing some of the PIF items, so feel free to follow or join if you want some clues! And I'm loving that people haven't been greedy, and are letting others have their turn! :) Awesome to know that there's so much good out there!

Goodnight from me!


Casey said...

I keep hoping I'll catch a PIF! so far I haven't been lucky, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get at least one. Your PIF idea is so great!

Threaded Basil said...

Your stuff is so great. I'm so glad it's selling well!

babalisme said...

I'm glad your business go really well, I hope all the best for you!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

You are doing an amazing thing :) so glad you are doing so well - your work is just superb!!

madebymaisie said...

I just found your blog via threaded basil. Oooh, so much softie goodness. I love your PIF project. I love dropping for the Toy Society.

x Catherine