Saturday, August 8, 2009


I have been sewing and sewing all week, and I left the markets today with practically nothing! Not that I'm complaining, but I'll have to keep at it, or I'll have a bare table next week... and my poor little Etsy Shop is looking sparser and sparser by the minute!

I have none of the bunnies or cats left at all, and about 3 bugs... a few fleecies... but yikes!

Albert & Adira


And any minute of freedom from the sewing machine has been taken up with packing and making up those cute little name tags that people seem to love so much, I write all the personality info on these, which makes a lot of people smile, smirk and sometimes giggle! Which then makes me smile, smirk and sometimes giggle!
making little bug tags!

making little bug tags!

I have been screen-printing too, and I've been working something a little bit new, this is a sneak peek:
sneaky peek at something new!
B, x.


Simply EC said...

Wow, Thank your lucky stars! How I wish for that kind of success at street fairs and markets!

Caroline said...

Wow, you must be sewing your fingers off right now! I think you need to enlist your cat to do at least something useful to help you...maybe he (or she?) is a real whizz with a glue stick? Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work! BTW - whats the black oriental fabric in the second photo?