Monday, August 24, 2009!


This is what my Saturday looked like! Although the sun did come up and actually get quite hot, and make things a little gross and unbearable at times! I decided to move my stall into a different spot, and I had a terrible day! I'm not sure whether it was just generally a terrible day or if moving my stall to a different part of the markets was the cause of all my woes... but I did talk with lots of other stall holders and some organisers who seemed to be all saying the same thing "stacks of people, no one spending!".

Such is life! I have now caught up on stock and can spend this week making things besides bugs-- bunnies, birds and of course do some screen printing!

So anyway, this is Jilly, my new favourite little bug girl- she is made from fleece, some pretty blue vintage fabric scraps from my nearest op shop, and this fabulous fabric designed by Liz and printed at Spoonflower. I bought it from her Etsy Shop, and she has a blog which I also love, called Paper Pie. She is very clever with textas, her designs are hand-drawn. The pretty blue flower-dots on Sofia are also by Liz, and I only bought a fat quarter, and it's almost gone! This never happens, usually a fq lasts a month or 2 because I use such small quantities, but I got a little carried away!






The gang.

More on some great fabrics finds a little later, but I'll just quickly share this great link with you, Mel Bomba-- a new etsy shop selling divine hand printed fabrics from Sydney- free shipping until the end of August, I bought some during the week and I'm VERY IMPRESSED! Photos later, but I highly recommend!

B, x!


CurlyPops said...

Slow days at the market are extremely frustrating!
At least having the extra stock gives you a bit of a break.

Bianca Christine Wickers said...

The new blog looks good! I love the new banner.

Rosalind said...

The new blog look makes me want to change - it looks great!! Blogger is very limiting. Hopefully next weekend is better for you! I have my first stall at Canberra's handmade is 3 weeks! eeeek!

Amy Woo said...

The new blog looks marvellous! I have been umm-ing and ah-ing about moving over to typepad, but am still deliberating!
Tell me, how does one subscribe to posts on typepad? I can never get them in my reader?

Isa said...

I hope the next market would be better.
Thank you for sharing the fabric info, I love those rainbow dots!

Liz said...

Thank you for mentioning my fabrics, Rebecca. Jilly and Sofia are both so cute. The fabric choices work so well for their personalities. Congratulations on the new blog, it is looking lovely.

riyo said...

new blog!!! looks great!!!
i like the card holder...they are your handmade??
see you on 5th!