Thursday, September 24, 2009

Always, never, sometimes...

dust storm

I always:
   * feel loved
   * am happy in my heart
   * envisage living & non living things as toys
   * drink too much coffee
   * cook delicious foods...

I sometimes
   * refrain from chocolate
   * remember to exercise
   * draw pictures of my dream (shipping container) house
   * think about getting dread locks
   * imagine that I am married to Don Draper...

I never
   * leave a fight un-mended
   * eat veal
   * watch horror films (or voluntarily watch crime shows)
   * place my pattern pieces in a sensible place
   * drink tequila... any more!

- list idea from Leslie's blog, which I have just discovered and am enjoying immensely! :)

Hope you like the shot from my bedroom window... it certainly was a strange day!


1 comment:

Christy said...

It definitely is a strange day seeing orange all day. I love your list!