Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flickr Faves- the dust storm

Well, I'm running a little late with my mosaic this week-- blame it on all the hard work I've been doing in preparation for Mathilda's Market, and getting stock up a little for Christmas... plus, I needed to do some fabric shopping up in Sydney yesterday...

I know the web has been flooded with pictures of the dust storm that Sydney and it's surrounding areas woke up to this morning, but there are some really fabulous shots and I couldn't resist collecting some for this week! It really felt very odd waking up to a neighbourhood covered in orange dust, with no one about, a very eery feeling, the air is still so thick that I can't see Mt. Keira (not too far from my house). The worst part is that we are almost out of milk and have nothing for dinner... going to need to venture out into it (although it isn't so colourful anymore!).

flickr faves: a duststorm

1. Filtered Orange, 2. Foliage, 3. IMG_1783 - Dustday in laundry2, 4. birds of dust

I will post some of my own (slightly less amazing) photos later on this afternoon!
Don't forget to check Mitsy's blog to see everyone else's efforts for the week!



nicole said...

wow!!!!awesome shots.

Christy said...

ooohhhh beautiful orange-y hues!

Leina said...


Skebba said...

They are great shots. Was the dust really orange at your place? Where I live (SE QLD) the dust was a boring brown. Would have been much cooler orange - a great day to pretend you're on a strange planet or something cool like that. Yahoo!