Monday, September 21, 2009

My Sunday...

Sorry No Electricity, Chelmsford [190509]

Based on today's experiences, I have compiled a list of all the things you cannot do whilst the power is out. Luckily I got the note in the mail box a couple of days ago, and was preapred, most of my neigbours however were taken by suprise, and could be heard and seen running in and out if the building checking the power box and asking each other questions about it...

The List:
- use a sewing machine
- have a hot shower
- have food in the freezer, still freezing away like normal
- do a load of washing
- clean the kitchen... using hot water...
- watch a DVD
- take the DVD from last night out of the DVD player
- have light in the bathroom... we have no windows in there...
- cut out toy pieces... this requires an iron
- have a coffee/tea/toast/toasted sandwich etc.
- go on the internet using a laptop... modem is off
- fix up etsy shop photos and upload
- sculpt with wax because you need the heater or hair dryer to melt it...

- and you can't read a book, because all the electricity company people are outside on the street talking very loudly and using lots of obscene language...

It sure does make me appreciate stuff though!


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