Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet Noni!


Thank you so much for all your name suggestions, I actually decided on Noni for this little gal and it didn't take long for someone to snap her up... I have however used ALL the names that people suggested and will show pics as they are ready... I especially like Annalise, Maggie and Ginger! Very sweet! So good to get a little help, sometimes I feel like I'm plucking them out of the air and it's very tricky! I had the fantastic idea to create a set of The Bold and the Beautiful Blinkies... a Ridge, Taylor, Brooke and of course an Eric & Stephanie... :)

Well, I'm tired... very tired! Will be back a little later, but need to get some stitching in before dinner!


P.S. I have some good news about Glebe, and was accepted into Mathilda's Market in November!


curlypops said...

Oh you definitely have to name them after B&B characters (inlcuding the dead ones) - now that would be hilarious!

Christy said...

She is a sweetie! Very cute!

Skebba said...

Oh I wish you could be at the Brisbane Mathilda's Market!
Noni is a great name, and she is absolutely gorgeous - like all of your creations. :D

Caroline said...

Gee, you work so hard! I love the cat fabric on Noni, paired with the red spotty fabric - soooo cute! Congratulations on Mathilda's Markets, you are sure to be a hit there.