Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm back!

Well, I got back late on Sunday night, but couldn't resist the opportunity to continue on holiday mode, esp with Monday being a public holiday and all!

Firstly, here are the dolls... they're not perfect, but they are my first attempt.

wooden dolls

One for each member of the family.

Secondly, since I was at my Mum's place for a night, these are her amigurumi snails. I send her a pattern a little while back.

mum's snails

I think they're very sweet!

mum's snails

Almost as sweet as a certain little black cat that I missed so much!


More soon, for now, I'm cleaning up the mess that exploded when I got home full of ideas, and spending some time with a super cuddly, slightly clingy Henry!



Gret said...

Those little dolls look awesome. They don't look like the first attempt!

Sandra said...

O, I really love your work. also the new woorden dolls are great!