Saturday, October 10, 2009

I've been busy!


First attempt at my little PJ wearing, afro hair-styled little girl... I've gotten a taste for painting since the wooden dolls, and that's been making me think about my dolls in a whole new way...

tracing my doll...

Tracing drawings onto fabric to paint, which meant that when 2 young and extremely enthusiastic crafters visited, we ended up with some stunning art work-- which will be sewn up into softies very soon!


2 dolls, a bunny and a puppy!

fabric painting fun

painting dolls

And I mastered (well really just survived) the art of attaching woollen hair to a fabric doll, which Bella-- who is only 8-- had made herself!

Bella's creation

And of course, there has been a little bit of toy making going on too... although it's been a week of trying very hard to get ideas to turn into reality, which did not go hand in hand with productivity...

Bella's doll

dew drop girls

And I've been working on my Dew Drop Girl pattern which I plan to sell soon-- hopefully in a couple of weeks!

I'm exhausted, but hoping that Glebe will go ahead tomorrow after having been cancelled last week due to atrocious weather... whilst it's looking pretty miserable at the moment, the showers are meant to clear tomorrow, so fingers crossed!

Happy Friday!


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Christy said...

I love the shape of the creative things you're doing! Happy weekend!