Monday, October 19, 2009

Where I buy fabric...

Lucy's farm

Mark burgundy

Both of these prints are available here. I haven't actually bought anything from this shop yet, but I'm loving so many of their fabrics that I'm sure it won't be long...

At the markets people ask me non-stop all day about where I buy my fabric... I think they are hoping that I will say 'they all come from this nice store just down the road'... I would like it if that was the answer too, but alas!

I buy bits and pieces all over the place. Seriously! This is a little list of some Etsy shops that I can recommend:

The Hey Day Shop
Japan Kawaii Ya
Of Paper and Thread
Mel Bomba

And if you're in Sydney The Remant Warehouse is the raddest of rad quilting/cool toy making fabric shop that I know of... not to mention Riyo's stall at Glebe-- although she is back in Japan right now stocking up on fabulous things. She'll be back there first week of November.

And Jodie also has awesome little online shop which stocks really nice fabrics-- Kokka too! One of my fave companies!

Aside from actual shops, op shops are also an awesome place to find unwanted gems... and not just fabrics, you have to think of sheets, tea towels, pillow cases, blankets, napkins, dresses, pants... so much unwanted fabric, and clothes can be especially cheap because you'll find that whilst one part will be worn threw, other parts will be in mint condition...  and moving into summer means that lots of places will be getting rid of winter clothes, which make great fluffy, fleecy softies...

And grandmothers, mothers, aunts and vigilant friends should be incorporated in your hunt for awesome fabrics at all times! Mine are...

Feel free to add faves no matter where you live, I'd love to find some new places!

Hope Monday isn't too painful for everyone...


EDIT: These are shops mentioned in the comments. Thanks guys! :)

Fabric Worm
Miss Matatabi
From Japan with Love
Sew Deerly Loved
Sweet Flavor



Andrea said...

Hello - Duckcloth has some gorgeous fabrics. I don't think it was on your list.

Andrea said...

Hello - Duckcloth has some gorgeous fabrics. I don't think it was on your list.

Christy said...

I love the karaku shop! I love Miss Matatabi too for great japanese fabrics!
P.S. Speaking about fabrics, there's a japanese fabric giveaway in my blog!

Jenny said...

Thank you so much for sharing those great shops, very generous.

Caroline said...

Check this one out too

kim said...

I love awesomness of old mm fabrics
munki munki goodness
scrap packs are AMAZING!

Liz said...

Thank you so much for the shout out and for sharing this list, Rebecca! Some very good shops here!