Tuesday, December 29, 2009

About Me

My name is Rebecca. I am a girl who lives in a very small flat with a lovely cat, an unrealistic amount of fabric and a boy who sculpts-- a lot! 

I love making dolls, and sewing and textiles in general. I also love art and design and pretty things.

I have a Bachelor of Visual Communication from the Uni of Western Sydney, where I majored in photography and digital imaging.

I dream about living on a big old farm in a pretty part of the world, in a shipping container house with lots of white walls and beautiful artwork. I also want a big garden with lots of tomatoes, leeks and pumpkins, two chickens and all that other nice stuff that goes along with it.

I'm a leftie, pinko, pro-human rights type gal.

My favourite food is Tom Yum Soup from the Three Mangoes in Enmore.

My favourite music is usually by the Eels, sometimes Elvis Costello.



Jocelyn Chia said...

erm, what's a pinko? my first guess is it's your favourite colour but that doesn't sound right.
am loving your blog though i've barely scrolled through it yet. pity i'm on the gold coast and can't go to the markets to check out more of your creative pieces. i don't shop online. don't ask me why, i just can't bring myself to. thanks for sharing your designs.
thai food is super!
that would be great place to live in. right now i don't have a garden. all we own are two little plants. a basil plant and a tiny grape vine someone gave. and now the grape vine is gone :( i just found a fat caterpillar next to the basil plant...sadly he had already devoured the vine. he was eyeing my basil so i had to give him a new home away from my balcony. sigh.

Elaine said...

I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for getting the creative juices flowing again in my house. I recently purchased the April copy of Notebook and found your amazing Dew Drop Dolls and Blinkys. My daughters (16 & 13 Yrs)and I thought they looked lovely and were excited to find the patterns available. We have since made a couple and now my girls are making up their own designs and sewing them. Even my 9 yr old son has started sewing and has designed and is making his own creature. This is so much fun. Thanks again, Elaine and family X