Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Having been a loyal St. Vincent de Paul Op Shop employee a while back, I became privy to a lot of op shop info that had been completely oblivious to me up until that point. Now is the best time of the year for op shopping, people are de-cluttering and the stores are overflowing. They simply can'y keep up with it all. Other good times include any old long weekend, but especially Easter. The op shop I worked at had a little yard at the back for trucks and deliveries, and I remember returning to work in between Christmas and New Years to discover a sea of donations, not only unwanted Christmas presents, but furniture, ornaments, linen, really specific hobby related things like photographic enlargers, mosaic making equipment, entire sets of watercolour paints... all kinds of things.

Pricing in op shops often relates more to supply than market price. I got a bag of 'linen' for $10 at my local Salvation Army Op Shop, which included tea-towels, doilies, and funky retro baby sheet sets from the 60s and 70s, as well as a bunch of fabric.

awesome op shop find!

This dress is from another, similarly overflowing op shop just down the road-- $10!

op shop goodness

Happy Wednesday-- must get the sewing machine happening today, have done all the hand sewing I can possibly justify.



CurlyPops said...

Thanks for the tip! I might have to pop down to the oppy today and check it out.

Helen said...

You are incredibly lucky! Like most I have this week off work and had planned a big week of opp'ing, however I am yet to find a store in Brisbane that is open, they are all closed till Jan 4th!! It's a tragedy!

midge said...

great tip from an old insider, thanks. if i could come across a bag containing baby sheets, i would pass out. they are oppy gold for me