Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You can buy them in a shop!!

The Stress of Christmas

Fear not if you haven't had a chance to get to my market stall, I've got some dew drop dolls and blinkies selling right now at the new Monster Threads shop in Newtown-- it's a brand spanking new shop, and it's really very cool. It's full of all the awesome Monster Threads t-shirts, hoodies and prints, and it also has lots of fun and quirky jewellery... AND, they've painted some of the walls up the back with chalkboard paint, and are actively encouraging people to draw stuff. Joe had a go, so then I had a go... I tried to draw a dew drop doll-- not sure if I pulled it off with chalk in public, I'm used to a felt tip pen and lots of second chances in the privacy of my little house!

The shop is right next to Citrus Cafe, which is opposite the hardware store in King St (a more notable landmark for me is that it's just down from Quick Brown Fox, and the next block down from the art store!).

Go check it out-- I'm nervous to have my guys and gals selling on their ownsome, but I'm sure they'll do fine.

Happy Wednesday-- not long now!! I'm going away for a week over Christmas, getting stressed excited!



sarah said...

How exciting!! I'm sure they will fly off the shelves.

torunn said...

I was in Newtown on Monday and actually stumbled upon the shop which looks awesome! Congrats on getting your dew drop dolls and blinkies in there. I think it's the perfect space for them!

ivka said...

cool- I am sure they will do well.