Friday, December 18, 2009

Hot and not this week:


1. This Heather Ross/Kokka fabric with unicorns-- It arrived this week-- and I love it-- I love orange! Unicorn_red

2. Pineapples-- I never used to be much of a pineapple eater, but so far this summer, we've been eating an average of about 3 pineapples a week, giving up on chocolate has broadened my post-dinner treat menu. We've also been eating a tone of plums and peaches, (my favourite fruits ever), and I constructed an apricot crumble a little while back, so fruit is big around here at the minute.

3. My new banner and blog layout-- I found myself quoting some old hippie from a Simpsons episode the other day for no particular reason, and decided to follow suit: "contemporise man!", so this is my version of contemporising, it's simplifying... I hate cyber clutter and I think I got rid of some. :)

4. The fact that my hemp fleece arrived yesterday-- more white spring lambs are on the way for January!!

5. These beautiful little badgers from Alleluja-- I can't wait to see them finished!!

6. Six dew drops and 14 blinkies have arrived into existence this week- that's some hardcore sewing for me! Hopefully I'll have some photos later in the day when I stuff them.


1. Copenhagen: I really hope we can figure something out. And even if we don't, I hope we do what we can in this country when it's all over.

2. The mess that is my house, I go on about my messiness often, but truly, this is bad. I had decided that I would stop sewing a day early so as to be able to clean up before I go away, but then had the revelation that I should focus on sewing since it's the last Saturday before Christmas, and I'd be mad to do the markets every week from August onwards and to then pike out on the sewing at this stage for a clean house... I still agree with my logic, but it's a little frustrating living with so much fabric in the lounge room.

3. Joe has converted me to Medium-- the show with Patricia Arquette, after burning through all the Mad Men DVDs, and going through a phase of period dramas other than P&P, and then a stint with Grand Designs, he convinced me to get a few Medium DVDs... well, we've watched from the pilot up to the end of series 4, and I keep forgetting when it starts that it generally has a lot of gruesome crimes in it-- and then I have to look away all the time... and then I want more cause I like Alison and Lee so much... vicious cycle.

4. A price increase on my toys-- I've been umming and arrhing for some time about this, but I have to do it for so many reasons- especially with the blinkies, they fly off the table, and I'm lucky to have any left by lunch time, I can't keep up with the sewing, so a $5 increase is happening tomorrow. I'm pretty nervous about it, but I'm hoping it will work.

Ok, well I have names to come up with, and likes and dislikes to think up! Happy Friday! Pop over to Loobylu for more 'Hot and Not' posts-- and to see the fab garden in her post!!



Jess said...

SO glad you didn't pike out on the last markets for the year- because what would we have done then!? 2 more toys are needed, one to keep young suki company in darwin and the other will stay local :)
see you tomorrow

Amy Woo said...

Oh my, that fabric is lush!
I know what you mean about the tidy house thing. I cleaned my house top to bottom last weekend, in the nooks and crannies and everything, but now I am practically back to square one! Both the kids have been poorly all week and I have let the housework slide! I also really need to think of a way to store my yarn and fabric tidily, because it is just spilling out from everywhere!
Good luck with the $5 increase on the Blinkies. I think it will be fine, and you should never undervalue the effort and materials you employ. You are selling a quality product and it should be priced accordingly! I have always admired your business ethic and the way you speak honestly about your struggle to make really good toys while keeping the price down AND still making a profit!
Good luck with the market, I hope that you do really well, and if I don't comment before, have a great Christmas!
Amy x

Redness said...

Love your hot's, $5 increase looks like they're worth every blinking cent!
If you have time there's 70 buttons looking for a new home over on my Loobylu post ;)

Claire said...

I love your new design. I need to do some contemporising myself! xx