Thursday, January 28, 2010

Custom Doll Information

I am more than happy to make you your own special Dew Drop Girl, whether it's the name and personality tag that you want personalised, or details such as the hair and eye colour, it's all do-able. I can even use your own fabric- this can be a great way of using up old baby clothes and blankets that are too sentimental to part with. 

If you would like a special personality tag to attach to a ready made doll, just email me and let me know, I can do this at no additional cost. The tags generally have a name, age, 3 likes and 3 dislikes, but I can put whatever info you choose so long as it physically fits on the tag.



The details that can be customised are:

Clothes/Fabric: there are three basic styles of Dew Drop Girl


a) regular dress
b) overalls
c) pinafore type dress

You can also pick a colour scheme or a theme, keeping in mind that most dolls use 3-4 different types of fabric. These three girls have the themes (from left to right) of retro/funky, nature & spring, and travel & change.


Check my new flickr set, where I am attempting to document all my fabrics to help with custom dolls.

It can be very difficult to combine specific colours and themes unless
you already have a fabric which does so. I am happy to purchase
specific fabric for a project, but this will add to the time it takes
to make your doll.

Other features which can be customised are:
- skin colour: cream, flesh, tan or brown
- eyes: the colour and the shape
- mouth: smiling or grinning
- hair: colour & style

You don't have to select options for each of these features, and if you pick colours/styles that really clash, I will be in touch. Whilst it is a customised doll, it is still a creative process and will be very much within my own personal style. I'm very much into contrasting colours, I love vintage and Japanese fabrics, and I'm not too fond of pastels!

If this all sounds slightly daunting, you might like to check out my flickr photostream to see some of my dolls and other creations. I promise it isn't all that complicated at all!


Pricing and postage:

Customised Dew Drop Girl: AUD$70

This price takes into account the fabric costs as well as the 2-2.5 hours it generally takes to make a doll. Standard postage within Australia is included, express and overseas postage is an additional AUD$8.

If you live in the Sydney/Wollongong area, the doll can be picked up from a mutually convenient place.



You can pay for the doll through my Etsy Shop, I will set up a purchase listing for you once we have arranged the details of the doll. I also accept money orders and direct paypal payments, and cash on delivery.


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions, or simply email me with the details if you would like to proceed with a custom order.


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