Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Edit: Some cats are the best people!

Some of you may have noticed from the status updates on twitter, that I have doubled the amount of cats at my house over the weekend... Paco arrived on Saturday night, bringing with her 8 years of cat experience to teach to my beautiful, gentle, INNOCENT & snuggly Henry. It's an interesting dynamic, H is friendly and welcoming, he's trying to sneak her food in a nonchalant sort of way, not phased if you take it away from him, he's very interested in everything she does, he follows her, stares at her, copies some of the things she does. Paco is tiny, she was the runt of her litter, and she is one strange little kitty... she likes humans a little more than H, and she seems to take more to me than Joe. She isn't a daytime cat at all... and I am one tired human being... tired and uncomfortable! 

cats are the best people

P has decided that she needs to be out there among the action in the trees, the trees full of birds which she can see from sitting in the window cill. She has spent the last few nights trying to shake the window screens out of their frames, so that in this hot and muggy summer weather, we have had to have the windows closed, and the vertical blinds wide open-- she keeps getting herself tangled in them whilst running along the window ledges. Exhausted and frustrated at 3:30 this morning, we let her onto the balcony for some air, where we watched her trying to calculate the mathematics of jumping off, whilst Henry watched on, with a completely baffled look on his little face. After much hissing and a little scratching, a towel was used to wrangle her inside, and she spent the night inside... much to her disgust...

Lets hope things improve!



sandra said...

ohh rebecca! long very hot here too and I have not been able to sew anything for this reason ... my head is spinning and are close to going to the beach iupi!!!!

Virginia said...

oh, good luck with the kitties! I remember the kitten days. It was almost as sleep depriving as the first few months of my daughter's life.

midge said...

that is very funny, quite cute and a little bit naughty. thank goodness our mr norris who is not at all a cat, oh no, he is very definately a cat person has outgrown such overt and deliberate naughtiness. good luck on the sleeping front