Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Lazy Sunday:

I decided that Sunday would be my day, my lazy day, my time to relax and fight off the possible cold that would develop if I ran myself ragged-- I got caught in the rain big time on Saturday... so after 6 episodes of 'Six Feet Under', and several bowls of noodle soup, this is what I found on Monday morning!

using up scraps

elegrams? elegraphs?


scrap fabric

russian doll

russian doll

russian doll

This little Russian Miss is still a work in progress pattern-wise, but it felt so good not to be thinking about market stuff and numbers and blinkies!



Inkie said...

well hello cutie! I loooove russian dolls, I have a tattoo design in the making for one :D

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

Looks pretty productive for a lazy day. Hope you're feeling all right!

Virginia said...

Wow, very productive! I love the last picture in your post.

Amy Woo said...

Oh, so pretty! You are clever! The doll is beautiful!

Jenny said...

Love the little Russian miss.
I'm working through Six Feet Under at the moment too!

Gret said...

What a gorgeous post Bec, I love it all.

kellie said...

she's beautiful! hope you have some stuff up in your shop again soon? maybe some of these sweet dolls. i'm looking for something for a new bub (no pressure though!)

Caroline said...

Oooh, these are so nice. I was about to make another one of my own pattern for a big sister of a new baby. Mine are a similar shape to yours, but yours has much more flair than mine. Sigh. That zig-zag stitch is so simple and effective. Love it!