Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'll take 2!


Joe found this great bag online somewhere, he doesn't know where it came from, and neither do I, but I want it, it is perfect! I'm reading Persuasion at the moment though, and Captain Wentworth is proving quite the heartthrob... Jane certainly likes a man with some attitude!

In other news, today I replenished depleted stock at Monster Threads in Newtown-- new Dew Drop Girls & Blinkies, which I didn't have time to photograph-- but I assure you they are cute-- one is made from the Seoul subsystem fabric I bought recently, and one is made from a pretty doily, completely inspired by the coin purse I bought from Gretel a little while back. 


And I managed to find some small vials which will be perfect for making little rattles-- I've been on the look out for-EVER! Apparently they are very popular and hard to get a hold of... and in the process I managed to get some 'squeakers', so look out parents, I'll be contributing to the noisy toy industry sometime soon-- they sound like ducks, and I think after visiting Kinokunya this afternoon, and looking at all those Japanese craft books, I'm filled with an endless array of ideas!

And (!), I returned home to find a lovely package in my mail box. I won some fabric from Sheridan last week in her 3 year blog anniversary giveaway-- I've been on the look out for this sausage dog fabric for a very, very long time!! And she kindly included some utterly beautiful Tina Givens fabric as well, which I adore!

Sausage Dog fabric from Superbuzzy

I'm exhausted!!



Mitsy/ArtMind said...

Oh boy, I love that Darcy tote! I need one too! :)

midge said...

the tote is great as are those fab fabrics

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

Great tote. I love the fabric, too! Can't wait to see what you'll make of it.

Virginia said...

Love the Darcy bag. That is fantastic.
And the Dachshund fabric is supercute.

Gret said...

Have you finished Persuasion yet? It's my favourite Jane Austen. I love it.

Gret said...

Ps...I went searching desperately after I saw this post...
Now you know where!