Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shop Update... finally!!

shop update picture

I finally updated my online shop... I'm using the Big Cartel one this time, the patterns are still available on Etsy, but after looking at who buys what and realising that most of my finished toy buyers are Australian (90%+), it seemed crazy not to use this other shop where I can list things in Aus dollars, where I can have multiple quantities of the one item without additional fees, and where people don't have to become a member in order to use it, but can still use paypal if they like. I also feel as if I am drowning in the ever-expanding sea that is Etsy!

And for overseas buyers, such as Americans, Canadians and Europeans, your dollars are generally worth more than mine, so you'll receive a nice suprise at the checkout as opposed to the unpleasant increase in price when I transfer the US price to the Aus price... although things are about as good as they get at the moment, the US dollar buys about Australian 90c.

And the little Anne-Sophie print that people seem to love so much is available at $5 per panel! :) I only have 10, and 5 would make a very sweet row of bunting... in fact I'm going to print some more for my market stall today!

Happy Sunday,



Inkie said...

couldn't help my self, I got a Anne-Sophie :D I need a panel to use for a pillow for my girl :D She'll be perfect with the pink, purple and red fabrics I'm using.

Christy said...

your big cartel store front is fabulously cool!

sarah said...

I'm going to have to check out the new store. Your stuff looks great!!

Torunn said...

Your shop looks great! The layout of big cartel is a lot less cluttered than etsy. I've been considering using big cartel as well and you've made some excellent points about switching!