Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who are you reading??

I have 575 unread items sitting in my google reader right now, and I check it everyday. I go through phases where some blogs must be read every time there is a new post, and others seem to post so quickly that I just can't keep up with them... I need to find a whole afternoon to sit down and take it all in. I know I have a bunch of blogs over there in the sidebar, and I do love them all or they wouldn't be there, but these are pretty consistent favourites of mine which must be attended to asap:

1. Craftypod
2. Wee Wonderfuls
3. Sweet Sweet Life

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I would love to know what captivates your attention when you turn your computer on. We are very lucky people to have access to so much!



Skebba said...

I agree, we really are spoilt for choice. I'm checking out the blogs you posted now - I haven't ever read #1 or #3.
I promise I'm not bootlicking when I say your blog is on my must read list!

Virginia said...

Er, I haven't been doing much reading for the past week (been sick), but I really like Lino Forest. She is here: http://linoforest.blogspot.com/

Susan L said...

sometimes it depends on how I feel and other times how much time I have ... at the moment the quilting blogs seem to be my go to blogs but I know that will change.

Skebba said...

I hope you don't mind, I made a list of my must read blogs:

Amy Hanson said...

Oh, thank you!! wow! I feel like I just received an big hug! I need to drop by here much more often, and will do so, for sure. Thanks again, sweet friend. xoxoxo.

Sunny said...

PS: I'm new to your blog (found it through Amy's blog) and really like when you said that we're such lucky people to have access to so much. I agree.

Sunny said...

I read Amy's blog (Sweet Sweet Life) daily. It's the first one I go to!!! I haven't read #1 or #2, so I'll check those out now.