Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finders Keepers!

sybella & jade

Some people have been asking me 'what's with all your mouth-less dolls lately!?', and I was thinking that it was just a cute, expressionless thing to do, but maybe there was something subconscious going on! I've had to keep a bunch of secrets lately, and those people who know me well, would know that I'm not very good at that type of thing... especially when the secrets are exciting! Some are simply custom made dolls, which means uber-cuteness that cannot be posted about on the blog, but one of my big secrets is that I'm going to be doing Finders Keepers this May, and I'm super excited about it... and now that the designers have been announced on the blog, I'm allowed to announce to you all!

The list of stall holders is fabulous, and I'm not going to be the only softie-a-teer there either which is nice, the lovely Torunn from Herbert and Friends will be there with all her kooky, adorable little creations-- who all have stories-- my toys might have name tags people, but Torunn's have entire stories! And the neatness of her hand stitching will blow your mind!!

The market will be the second weekend in May, from 6-10pm on Friday, and all day Saturday... I have my volunteers booked in to help me, now all I need to do is... SEW!! :)



Tammy said...

Congrats! Like your mouth-less keeping secrets connection too. :)

Selina said...

Congratulations! Sounds like fun.

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

Wow, good for you! I really like that second one, with the black hair and green clothes.

Skebba said...

So wish I could go. I need me a Dr Who telephone box.
Your dolls get better and better all the time. I like the mouthless expressions, even if they were a kind of Freudian slip for you. :)

isis said...

congrats! and i like the no mouths

anna said...

Congrats! They are fabulous just the way they are.