Wednesday, April 14, 2010

House Keeping:

Good Housekeeping's Quick and Easy Cookbook

picture available here!

1. Now you can download patterns as soon as payment is complete via my Big Cartel Shop! :)

2. Now you can buy my dolls in Wollongong-- and not at my house, but at Emma-Lee's little shop in Crown Street above Flight Centre, just near the stage in the mall. It's called The Milk Thieves Art and Design Shop, and you can buys things like Mixtape mag there too!

3. Dolls are still available at Monster Threads in Newtown, and will be available in the soon to be opened Paddington Store, which will be just opposite Paddington Markets, so make sure you wonder across the road and check it out next time you are there!

4. No more custom orders for a little while, after the Notebook article, I've been a little overwhelmed with custom orders, and need some time to make my own style of thing especially with Finders Keepers coming up. I have removed the custom info from the sidebar, I will consider starting it up again in the next few months.


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