Friday, May 14, 2010

Bondi Markets this Sunday:


Now that I'm not booked into Glebe every Saturday, I can play around a little, and I so I decided to book myself into Bondi Markets this Sunday... the problem is that after Finders Keepers, a shop update at Monsterthreads, and a wee little online shop update, I'm running low on all matter of sewed things!

And thanks to a crazed cleaning frenzy yesterday, where I spent 10 or so hours looking for a tiny small plastic box that accompanies my Grandmother's sewing machine, and contains all of the her extra sewing machine feet and the like, and which was completely fruitless, yesterday's planned sewing extraordinaire did not occur... therefore today will be all about sewing, sewing, sewing, and hopefully some stuffing too. And, fingers crossed, it will occur to me where I safely stashed that little plastic box. I have explicit visions of tucking it into a corner, safe and out of the way... I should know that that is the silliest thing a person could do...

The clean did however locate some screen printed fabric panels that I knew were around the place somewhere, and which I am keen clear out, so for the very first time, I'll be selling them at my stall this Sunday. There aren't very many, and they have been notoriously popular with online customers, with friends, and so have the toys made from them... so if you're interested, I expect to see you at Bondi!

Also, whilst on the topic of markets, have you heard about Winterland?? A new wintery-festival put together by the Finders Keepers girls and the Carriage Works this July... ice-skating people! they will have a rink!!

Happy Weekend!



midge said...

sounds just like home, spending more time looking for things to craft with than actually crafting. good luck with the hunt for gran's box

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

I always do that, put something in a "safe" place and then promptly forget where that is. It's amazing the things you eventually discover. :)