Monday, May 10, 2010

Some inspiration from my weekend:

Well, I loved lots of things at Finders Keepers, but I think this was my favourite stall, not that I had a lot of time to look, and not that I could get all that close when I broke free from behind my counter... there were lots of people crowded around...

Nikki Catalano: too pretty for words, but just one of a million amazing illustrations! I can remember feeling a little bit dazed by lunch time on Saturday, but seeing all these beautiful pictures calmed me down & lifted my spirits.

I also loved Boniko but I can't seem to find a good picture to plop over here, so you'll have to check it all out on the website. Soft and cuddly and uber quirky!

I got to meet Penny from Pocket Carnival who informed me that she reads my blog, which is funny, cause I've been looking at her designs on Flickr for so long now, they are really inspiring and right down my alley, taste wise! They actually really inspired my little 'I love rain' gal up there in my header (also known as Darla around these parts)... but I'm sure she has no idea! And I now have a whole bag full of Pocket Carnival goodness which I'm sure will make its way on here sooner than later.

And I had a lovely stall neighbour, and lovely stall neighbours are very important as I'm sure you can imagine. Being a completely non-fashiony-type of girl, it was really cool to be next to someone who is, Jen from South for the Summer makes really beautiful headpieces... like really beautiful, and I was amazed as I stood there for so many hours watching women of all sorts and ages try them on, and I can't ever remember thinking 'eeekkk, take it off'... I worked in ladies fashion stores in a former life, and I can remember thinking things like this all the time back then, but seriously, these pretty things were making people prettier by the minute!

Now I get to finish cleaning my house! Oh Yay!


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