Thursday, June 10, 2010

foxes, bunnies & bears:


I've been having lots of fun with scraps the last week. Making little lambs means lots of little tiny pieces of chenille lying around, and they work wonderfully on red foxes. And all the tincy little pieces of blanket and fur make little bunnies and bears... my scrap piles are dwindling again.



And Japanese fabric Winter Dew Drop Girls, still my favourite to make!



beck said...

Oh that fox is so gorgeous!! I'm not crazy about foxes but yours is super sweet. What a great idea using chenille in this way, it looks ace xo

isis said...

that fox is Adorable!

gretchen/june at noon said...

Oh, wow, I'm dying from all this cuteness! I love, love that fox, and the winter fabrics on the Dewdrop girls are awesome!

handmaderomance said...

oh my goodness your little fox is so adorable! what a sweetie x