Monday, June 28, 2010

Where have you been?


Well, I wish the answer was an interesting one, but alas... it wouldn't satisfy Lady Catherine, although I don't know if much would... I've been around. I've been a little bit fluy and gross again and my head has been all over the place, and every time I sat down to write a blog post, I would run out of things to say... and decide to go rejoin the couch, where something fabulous was actually taking place, and that was the third season Mad Men... which is EVEN better than the last two put together... OMG OMG OMG... since it hasn't aired here on Australian television yet I won't spoil anything, but wow! I actually started to like Joan this season, although Peggy is still without a doubt, my favourite character.


And when the fluyness subsided, the sewing had to begin again, and then I didn't have time to do anything else! I took a nice big batch of Japanese fabric blinkies up to Monsterthreads in Newtown on Friday, and they may be my best lot yet. I've used all these awesome fabrics from Matatabi's Etsy Shop.

And... in really big news, I've really stopped doing the markets. I've given up my spot at Glebe, and I'm not going to be making an appearance at any of the village type markets that I've been slogging it out at for so long now... maybe when things warm up and when people have more money to spend I might reconsider, but it's really been a drag on my time lately and on Joe's too. So now, people will have to buy my stuff through stockists or through my online shop, which I will try and update more often!

And thank you to all the people who read this blog! I was just looking at my stats and it's really encouraging to know that people do read my ramblings! And thank you to Abby, whose comment this morning made me feel inspired to sit down and blog!

Hope your Monday Morning isn't too cold!!



Tammy said...

Ahhh your dew drop girls are famous gracing blog banners around Australia now ; ) I put Yvette in mine when I last updated and now I see Ab has added her dew drop girly too!

Brianna said...

Love Mad Men. The next Season is out on American TV towards the end of July so not long to wait now. I think we all have a bit of the winter blues with blogging atm. Lots of people have been taking breaks so don't feel bad!

Abby said...

oh!! *blush* you are so welcome. your craft inspires me so much :)

Virginia said...

I am so bad. I still haven't seen Mad Men. I suppose I should, one of these days.
I'm glad you've come back to post. :)