Monday, July 5, 2010

Paper Pie & Moda!

I spent the weekend catching up on blogs that I love, and one of them is Paper Pie... Liz designs lovely fabrics which she prints at Spoonflower and sells in her Etsy shop, Wonderfluff. I was thrilled to stumble upon the news that her Sugar Pop collection was picked up my Moda and will be available in shops in the US in December.

I managed to scoop up a couple of the fabrics a while back when I was still making lots of bugs, and the very first dew drop girls I ever made featured some of Liz's fabulous fabric. 


miss clemence

Oh boy! How things have changed!! Both dresses were made from Liz's designs, and you can see how well they mix with Japanese prints... and how much the dew drop girl has evolved over the last 12 months!!

And now, the colours have been worked on and mixed up, the scale of design has been played with, and voila!

Sugar Pop! for Moda
Sugar Pop! for Moda

Sugar Pop! for Moda

I love them! And what a nice story!?




inkie mum said...

saw these in a flickr pool about a week ago, i can not wait till December when it comes out! I'm getting allllllll of it :D

Liz said...

Hello Rebecca! Thank you so much for the super sweet write up. I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm for the line. I love your little dolls and other softies and it is great see how my designs fit into your mix of fabrics. Thanks again for all of your kind words and generosity. Have a great day!

Virginia said...

Paper Pie, Spoonflower and Wonderfluff. It's like you're speaking another language. :)
(a very pretty language.)