Sunday, July 4, 2010



1. Wool Blanket#0300, 2. Wool Felt Ball or Round Beads, 3. lucy's froggy bonnet & booties, 4. Wool Blanket - Detail

It has been SO SO cold this week! One day was the coldest we've had in 60 years!! I'm sure Europeans would be looking at the temps and laughing, but for Australia it has been freezing... And it's another reason I'm glad that I'm not doing the markets anymore... standing outside in that bone chilling weather is not my idea of fun, although I must say, I'm getting to the stage where I'm really missing seeing all those people every weekend and getting to see all the cool new stuff that was about the place all the time. Mainstream malls and shops just do not compare!

I've been consoling myself with the internet and the op shops down here. I've even been looking on Ebay, where I managed to get this book at a great price. And I've been getting rid of even more stuff, the constant leftovers from having worked at an op shop once-upon-a-time. I made a pile downstairs in my building and a note which said 'free to good home', and bit by bit, it all wondered off, and to my surprise, others started leaving bits and pieces too-- books, kitchen stuff, even a big chair!

And for my Mum,who asked my for crochet links the other day, these are the ones I was talking about!
Purl Bee and Whip Up. I hope they help!

Happy Sunday!


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