Friday, October 22, 2010

Life on Mars:

Joe and I have been talking about how much our lives have changed already, and we still have 4 full months to go until everything changes utterly and completely, forever, or so we keep hearing! It feels a little like being on an alien planet sometimes... I just noticed today how it odd it is to do the washing-up from a distance, that is, I can't get as close to the sink as I used to, and I've started to need to sleep during the day, which I've always detested, and my ability to sew is erratic, some days, I can churn them out, others, nothing happens. There is no routine or rhythm, but this is what it looks like:


Something for the little one, from Simple Sewing for Babies, which is actually full of really easy things to sew, AND I managed to find some rattle inserts for once in my life... here. They sell out a lot, so you need to keep checking back if they don't have any in.

mr. blink i stripes and dots

Regular blinkies, and some baby blinkies have emerged too, thanks to Emma-Lee's need for smallness for an ingenious Christmas marketing plan she has coming up!

baby blinkies


And the piles (and piles) of recently sewn, but as yet, unstuffed softies, and this photo doesn't include the new Spring/Summer version of my dew drops... you don't want to know how many there are!


Hopefully more will happen on the stuffing front soon!



Kat White said...

I was just going to ask you how long you have left, and reading your blog post answered my question. Can't wait to meet the little one :)
Btw, love the subway fabric!!

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

It is a very strange thing, isn't it, having your body overtaken like that!? I love seeing all those goodies, and that last pile just makes me happy. Yes, life will change forever, but it'll be so good. :)

Abby said...

Oh me too on the map fanric love...did you get it in Australia??
I love those baby rattles of Lotta's they have become my go to baby gift so quick!! And my girl loves hers so much(not to mention the fun her bros get up to with em!) I stuffed a couple of rattle bells into a kinder surprise ball thingy and inserted it into one...worked a treat!
I am hoping to finish off my snuggle bug tonight :)
Happy baby making :)

Yana said...

wow, lots of sewing going on :) everything looks lovely :)

Virginia said...

so so cute.
And yes, your lives will change. In some very strange ways they won't change at all.
I'm so excited for you!
Now, go pamper yourself, because there won't be much time for that (for a bit) after the baby is born...