Wednesday, January 5, 2011

etsy dreaming... and my anti-opping new years stance!

Fox and owl




1. Fox and Owl 2. Mooshoopork 3. Robin and Mould 4. Made by Mosey

After spending 3 really full on, intense days cleaning the loungeroom in the most serious way we have ever cleaned, and I mean serious- we got all the light shades down and washed them up, and scrubbed the walls, and managed to remove 4 boxes of books and knick knacks from the cupboard, and reduced our art making clutter by half- I have somehow managed to end my afternoon looking on Etsy, at more stuff... but at least it isn't half made, half hearted, 'maybe-I-could-use-that-one-day', or 'maybe-I'll-read-that-one-day' stuff, like all the stuff that was removed from our tiny abode today! I'm feeling like I can breathe easier in here now, and I've made the pledge to myself and to Joe, that I am completely over op shopping. I don't need the clutter and I certainly don't want it. Unless it's something I'm actually looking for that I'd buy in a regular shop, there will be no opping around here. Kooky, vintage stuff is not as cool as space, glorious space, and this is the only way that I can comprehend the baby fitting into the flat...


P.S. Happy New Year!


isis said...

woah good on you! and good luck, i'm not sure i would do so well with such a pledge

TwoTuesdays said...

I'm with you. SO with you. I'm have to give up the empty room I cunningly staked a claim to only six months ago. I absolutely cannot believe the amount of JUNK that is in here. There are Op shop things that have never even been taken out of their newspaper wrappers. What was I thinking?
Tomorrow the purge begins. I might be a snivelling wreck by the end of it - but I'll remember your words, nothing feels as good as space.

cherrie said...

Aww that is sad. And here I have just discovered the joys of op shopping, although more for clothes and fabrics than decorations. You can only fit so many things in to one home before it gets to be too much. Cherrie

Rebecca said...

Don't feel bad for me Cherrie- I'm feeling really happy to break this cycle- and you have to be just as scrupulous with fabric and clothes as anything else, believe me!

Virginia said...

Babies take up a surprising amount of space. And it only gets worse as they get older. :)

Katie said...

Well, we cannot always have the best of both worlds. Just wait till your baby grows up, maybe you can op shop together :)