Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some very nice dolls

I was reading this post by Katie the other day, and it really started me missing all the doll making now that the house is clean and tidy. I have some fabrics and sewing gear out, but to make dolls, I really need to spread my mess all around the flat, and I'm not game to start that up right now... I'm 39 weeks tomorrow, and I'd like to keep things neat for as long as I can. To console myself, I went on a flickr bender this afternoon searching for dolls...
Mim by Happy Find

Mermaids by Misako Mimoko

waiting for the bus
Printed dolls by Blossom 'n' Bird

One of the sweetest dolls I've ever seen by A Little Sprout

Papoila by Pink Nounou

Red by Idle Doll

Look at all the detail and attention in those dolls. They make me a little restless, & the blogs are pretty amazing too. Hope you like them as much as I do! :)



Emjie said...

Wow! There are some incredibly talented doll makers out there.
I know how you feel about making dolls. I would love to make more. But I honestly need to be in that head and physical space.

Bella said...

I can't get to your blog through bloglovin, is this normal?

Katie said...

These doll makers are pretty amazing, aren't they? :) I love your finds as well - take care!