Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Baby's Room

I have spent the last couple of months getting acquainted with Ohdeedoh, and whilst I think it's a great blog, I think it affected my sanity a little for a while there. It's a bit like constantly looking at home renovation shows or interior design magazines... you start to think that everything has to be perfect... and you start to feel that your rented, 30 year old, 2 bedroom flat isn't good enough, and that neither is any of the stuff in it. Having said that, Ohdeedoh do show lots of thrifty, secondhand, crafty type rooms too, and I started to chill out a little about the whole thing eventually, and went with that thrifty, handmade type of vibe, which due to severe budget restrictions, was the only option open to me!
finished drawers
Whilst it's actually a really bright, sunny room, in this super hot weather, I had to close the blinds so that the photo wasn't overexposed.
Jane, it's nice to have a different kind of doll in there.

All the dolls I put aside for whatever reason- it turns out there is a dew drop girl for every season in this stash.

lambs might fly
The lambs are up and flying about above the change table.

And I finally managed to finish a quilt I started 3 years ago- it doesn't fit the super sized cot I bought, but it will do for other things. I have almost finished a quilt top based on this fabulous quilt I feel in love with months and months ago, I'm just worried it will take me another 3 years to complete it!

baby's room so far
And this is me in the middle of it all. We still have the spare bed set up so that people can stay, but once she starts sleeping in there, it'll have to go.

It's all getting very close to being finished!



Lyn said...

What a very beautiful room! And a very lucky baby indeed. Your styling doesn't at all suggest that you've had to do this on the cheap - you've created a beautiful, warm and loving room for your new baby. Go you!

Three years ago today I was due with my first (and only) little boy. Oh my, I only just now realised that today was my due date! I went 10 days over, and now my little guy is turning 3 on 6 Feb. Life has changed (a lot) since then, but it is an amazing adventure watching your new baby grow and develop.

Good on you for the anti-cluttering stance too. It's a great way to start life off with a new wee one (and you are, in a way, blessed by having a small space because it has forced the issue). Babies tend to come with a lot of stuff - most of which they don't need. Then toddlers and children bring in more! It's good to keep on top of things and start off with the healthy attitude that you have. Less stuff, equals more time just being with an enjoying each other.

Good luck!

june at noon said...

Oh my goodness, it looks fantastic! Nothing about that looks "thrifted." It looks perfectly, beautifully handmade, like a lot of care went into one. That's one lucky baby!

june at noon said...

Er, that's "went into IT." I have no idea where my mind was. :)

Stacy said...

So adorable! You should submit it to OHdeeoh

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, peaceful space you have created for your baby, Well done!

Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous, well done!

becclebee said...

the room has turned out beautifully - you must be so happy with it!

and i think we are at a similar point with op-shopping. i have gotten stricter and stricter with myself over the last year or so, and now rarely buy that oh-so-fun-and-cute thing that i just found. i still love the admiring of it, but i am content these days to exclaim, admire, put down and walk away. when it comes to stuff anyway. clothes, well, i am still working on that!

Elise said...

Everything looks so beautiful: congratulations! Your creativity in surrounding yourself with beauty is inspiring to me!