Sunday, August 21, 2011

6 months.

Elka is a bit over 6 months now, and I'm happy to say that I made something! Finally! I actually made it a couple of weeks ago, but the time to blog, the time to sew, you know...
something small

I also managed to make 2 out of 4 cushion covers for the lounge, and I've 95% finished the 3rd one, and it's been sitting there for about 5 weeks now. All I need to do is run the machine around the front and back to sew it together, trim the corners and turn it out, and the fourth one is about 50% finished, but in the midst of a full steam ahead crafty-motivation attack-- which happened on the school holidays, with the awesome baby-sitting power of Joe, I noticed that I was sooooooooooooooo tired, and that rather than force myself up and down from machine to iron to scissors, etc., I'd be happier sitting on the lounge, or in bed, or maybe going for a walk with my little family... and so that's what I did. The cushions will happen when they happen, and they will be grand. Sewing just isn't so important right now.

Elka's sleeping is still as interesting as ever, and I can't say how good it feels to read comments about similar babies, especially the ones that give me the glimmer of hope that it will end in all of us sleeping the night through eventually. She is developing a sense of humour though, she laughs her little head off at some things and the playing is getting much more fun for me, and the crawling has started, and it's taking us all by suprise, I turned my back the other day to find her with her hands in Joe's backpack ripping apart a tea bag that had fallen out of his lunchbox, and like everything it was headed for her mouth... eeep!



We think she's pretty hilarious!


june at noon said...

What a cutie! That is such a fun, fun age. (And yes, keeps you on your toes with all the search-and-destroy mobility methods!)

Mandy said...

Wow crawling already. We are still trying to master rolling over, and tummy crunches. Glad you are making some time to be crafty.

Christy said...

what a darling cutie pie! love your stitchery project. :)

Yana said...

congrats on finishing the embroidery, looks lovely :) your little girl is a cutie :)

Yana said...

just wanted to let you know I awarded you the versatile blogger award and i hope you can accept it (see my blog for details) :)

gret said...

She's so delightful! I love 6 months, doesn't time fly? I have some nearly identical photos of Eleanor, they're so cute when they meet mirror baby. :) Nice stitching too!