Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Every quilt I ever wanted to make...

Well, maybe not every quilt, but this is a good selection to dream about for now. And maybe one day, Elka and I will co-oridnate ourselves well enough to get some patchwork happening! For now, I've discovered Pinterest, and I'm loving it, I used to love my flickr faves, but this is even better because you can select images from all over the web and IT SAVES THE SOURCE!! Yay.

And the strangest thing happened, I wrote that post last week, and her sleeping has improved a little in the daytime... *touch wood* Night times are still interesting to say the least, but I can live with that. This week's immediate concern is keeping her away from the cat, apparently pulling whiskers is all the rage... Eeek! Poor Henry!



Yana said...

beautiful selection :) glad to hear your little girl is sleeping a bit better :) poor Henry indeed!!! hopefully she will move on to something else and leave him be :)

Madeleine said...

Beautiful selection. It hurts me too that I have no time to sew. You will have time someday though, sooner than you think. And when it happens you will likely appreciate it more than you ever did before.