Friday, February 24, 2012

I've been managing to make a lot of things lately, with Elka turning one, so have all her little friends that we've met along the way, and they have needed presents. Photographing these presents is generally difficult because I've usually only finished them 10 minutes before we leave the house to give them away, but anyway, I'm pretty happy with myself. And I have Mum's old sewing machine, which is holding up quite well as a replacement for the one I managed to break a couple of weeks ago...

And despite the fact that Wollongong doesn't have a proper bookshop I managed to get hold of the newish Hop Skip Jump book from the library, and I'm really loving every little critter there is to make. My first attempt will be Arnold, the penguin, as a gift for one of Elka's little friends.

So cute! And I love that all the woollen features are just sewn from old jumpers, much less intimidating for a non-knitter like me.



gret said...

Isn't it just the most stunning book?? im in love with it.

Caroline said...

Gorgeous - I can see a whole shelf of these lined up like...well, penguins! Congratulations on Elka turning one, a milestone for both of you I'm sure.