Friday, March 2, 2012


a dew drop!

About a month or so ago I managed to make my first dew drop girl from scratch since being pregnant. It was lovely to make one, and to have the head space to look at all my fabrics (at once, since Elka likes to get them out and sprawl them around on the floor), and to know the little person I was making it for.

I had managed to finish some up that I'd cut and embroidered towards the end of 2010! That sounds like a long time ago now, but it doesn't feel it, and I took them along with some other bits and pieces to The Milk Thieves Shop in Wollongong.

And I revised my high hopes for Arnold the Penguin after babysitting the birthday boy a couple of days ago, I discovered that he is quite fond of little dogs, and so a Elsie the Little Dog, from the More Softies book appeared last night. And his birthday isn't even until tomorrow! Arnold is still very much on the 'to do' list though.


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