Friday, April 27, 2012

KCWC So far:

Of all the weeks for Elka, Joe and I to get abysmally sick, it had to be this week! I did manage to sew three hours on Monday and on Tuesday, and I remember thinking that I was glad that 'unpicking' was specifically stated as an appropriate activity for the allotted sewing time. I sewed a cuff to the wrong end of a leg of a pair of pants twice. It wasn't until the second time I did it, at 8pm, which felt like a very late night at the time, that I realised that the cold I was battling was getting the better of me, and then I woke up on Wednesday and realised that I had to spend every minute Elka slept, resting myself, which always feels like such a waste of time to me, but two solid days of rest (when it was available!) and I feel a lot better. I only feel moderately crumby. And to top it off three new teeth have arrived on the scene as well.

I've got to say though, that I have a bunch of patterns cut that I never wouldn't have bothered with if I didn't sign up, I have sorted out clothes fabric from doll fabric and I'm not afraid of sewing with stretch fabrics anymore. And I'm feel more motivated to get out the overlocker one day soon- when there is time of course!

These are my favourites from the kcwc flickr group:
kcwc faves
1. Urban Duck Hoodie by Craftstorming
2. Nani Iro tee & linen pants by Elsie Marley
3. Ayashe blouse by Ressica Jachel
4. Sunki dress by Living with Punks

And I really liked this top by SarahJane, but it wouldn't cooperate with mosaic maker:
KCWC Days 2-3: shirt for Story

Hopefully I will get the chance to finish up what I started AND get some pictures of Elka in them! It is the weekend this afternoon after all!


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Yana said...

sorry to hear you've been unwell! hope you are back to healthy soon and im looking forward to seeing the finished clothes on elka! (mm, hem inside out...i've been there... unpicking it now!) xx